Why a PhD?

I earned my PhD at the University of Texas at Austin in the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior program. I'm originally from Colombia, where I grew up between the countryside and the city of Medellin. This experience exposed me to nature and museums from a young age. Soon, I realized that there is always something new, beautiful and amazing beyond what I could see. Science demonstrated me that microscopes, thermo-cyclers and computers were the best way to see farther, while art, the way to embrace the Universe.

PhD and Art

I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the School of Biological Sciences at UT Austin. I taught Human Biology (BIO346). In which, I tried to enhance learning of my students by focusing their attention to scientific literature with memes and popular culture. I am also a meticulous artist. My artwork is specialized in highly detailed wooden models of various insect species. I have an interest for insect macro-photography as part of my method to look at the most inconspicuous details of the insect body.

Research Work

I focused my graduate studies in understanding the molecular mechanisms and evolution of attachment (i.e. Love) and sexual fidelity. Before coming to the US for pursuing my doctorate, I was a molecular entomologist at CENICAFE. Thanks to the work I pursued over there I was awarded for my merits as a researcher in SOCOLEN. I have some experience with different molecular techniques and methods such as PCR, qPCR, sequencing, FISH, comet assay, cytogenetics, etc. My next big step is to learn about bioinformatics and genomic analysis. These are the tools I want to use for studying the evolution of cis-regulatory elements at genes that influence animal behavior.

Get in Touch

I lived in Austin, Texas. But, I moved to Durham, North Carolina. You can find me in the French Family Sciences Center at Duke campus. If I am not there, I might be reading or analyzing data at a coffee-shop. If science permits, I'll be playing soccer, exploring Durham foods and drinks, photographing the town and its countryside or woodcarving an insect or something on the weekends.

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